Changes In My Site

I’m working on making a lot of changes to my website to keep things current!  So bear with me while these things change – please!

A lot has happened since my ALS diagnosis in July 2010.  And my needs have changed greatly.  I also have been blessed with some beautiful gifts ~ gifts of time, financial support, and gifts that have made some wonderful travel experiences possible.

The disease has progressed steadily.  I’ve experienced weight loss, the loss of most of the use of my hands, much shallower respiratory function, among other changes.  And it continues to progress.

I have had the good fortune to lessen the effect of how I experience many of the symptoms – like the cramping, aches & pains, and other muscular discomfort that go with the progression of ALS.  And I’ll talk about that from time to time.

All for now…this will get revised or I’ll make another post.  Have a look at my slideshow of pics, pretty cool stuff!

– Kevin