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Kevin’s book is about his journey and has important information about how diet and the environment affect our health. It’s serious business and most of the time people chug along until something breaks, sometimes disastrously. Just know that doesn’t have to be that way.

Post of Kevin April 2, 2013:

My name is Kevin Pollari, I’m 51 years old and on July 7th, 2010, I was diagnosed with ALS. This was not altogether a surprise as I have spent a great deal of my life’s energy trying to eliminate the disease and its symptoms from gaining a foothold in my body. Both my father, Dick Pollari (25 years ago) and my sister, Anne Keeler ( 5 years ago) have died of ALS.

When I was diagnosed, my doctor had given me 18 to 30 months to live. I’m still here, it’s been 33 months and I’m not leaving anytime soon. So, Kevin’s Crusade continues!

This blog will be about my life, my passions, my family, my history, and of course ALS. I will have information about Lyme disease and its relationship to ALS as demonstrated by emerging studies and the controversy about them in the medical community. It is my hope that some good will come out of all this and perhaps some benefit for others who already have or will encounter these diseases.

Approximately 3 years ago I wrote:
“It is my goal to win this fight. I intend to make it my full-time passion to discover alternative therapies, the doctors that administer them and to share this info. These are complex diseases and there is a real rise in their incidence in this country and in the likelihood of a relationship between them. The mainstream medical community has not yet accepted much of the good science that has been done by many brilliant doctors and clinicians. Some of their stories and links to their studies can be found elsewhere in this website. There are answers for those who want to find them.
With your help I can Manifest a Miracle!”

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 3 years…LOTS! So let me break it down for you.

ALS is a whole body disease, not just my motor neurons, but that’s where it manifests. It all began with a digestive system that was working incorrectly and didn’t digest food properly, meaning it didn’t create the correct flora to create the energy needed for other body systems, like the immune system and neurological system. (Remember learning about the Krebs Cycle?) Over time poisons build in the digestive track and leak into (leaky gut) the spinal column. Studies have shown that low oxygen levels in the spinal cord and low blood sugar combinations kill motor neurons. Now if this occurs over a long period of time, say 40, 50, 60 years, our bodies respond by shutting down. They just can’t handle the load of toxins running through the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

There are currently many studies on ALS, looking for causes and effective treatments. However, every case is different and this poses a problem for researchers looking for a treatment. In other words, no simple cure. This disease has it’s beginnings at many different levels in the body. There’s evidence citing that the on going effects of toxins can cause the mutation of a person’s RNA and thus mutations of their DNA, it’s called epigenetics and it is the “hottest” area of research in respect to ALS and all other genetically traced diseases.

What’s this mean for me!
Hypocratis says “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

But only if the food is healthy, meaning: vegetables (Organic) grown in soil that is not over used and has the “correct” content of minerals, no herbicides, no pesticides, no genetically modified seeds. Eggs that are from free range chickens that are not given hormones or antibiotics. Beef from pasture fed cows, no corn meal fed, no antibiotics or hormones. Dairy that is raw or pasturized very slowly at low temperatures so the good flora is not killed off. No “sugar free” substitutes, they contain aspertaime, which is an excitotoxin that kills motor neurons and brain neurons. No MSG or most processed foods because they contain MSG, which is also an excitotoxin.

Since addressing my leaky gut digestive system I have gained 15 pounds. I don’t have the pains, bloating, gas and all around uncomfortable stomach I had before.
I’m using Beyond Organic products for dairy and beef.
I’m implementing Deanna’s protocol. www.winningthefight.net It is a mix of supplements that support the nervous system. Since beginning the supplements I have more energy, less muscle twitching and cramping, actually have seen increased strength in my arms/ hands, an increase in clarity and reduced fatigue through the day (no nap some days). Generally, this has increased my quality of life!

ALS Stem Cell Trials, called BrainStorm, are being implemented sometime this year. I have requested to be a candidate for this research study. I won’t know if I will be a candidate till just before the trials begin. I have also done some genetic testing through the University of Minnesota. Because there are others in my immediate family who have had this disease, scientists who are researching gene mutations are interested in my genes for research. There was a new genetic mutation discovered last summer called C9

It is a mystery as to whether I will continue to decline as slowly as I have or plateau for years or suddenly decline. My last visit to HCMC Center for ALS Patients, was filled with mixed news and emotions. My speech and swallowing have not been affected at all. My muscle atrophy is slow, but I need to use my electric wheelchair to get around. My biggest concern is my diaphragm. As my muscles atrophy in my legs and arms, so does my diaphragm and it’s not allowing my lungs to inhale or exhale a full breath. My lung capacity has declined from 64% to 54% to 49% over the last year. At around 30% there will come the decision to use a ventilator, which I am not inclined to do.

– Kevin

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  1. Carol Abbott Kuhlmann

    Dear Kevin,
    I am thinking of you & praying for your miracle to happen.
    I’ll see you soon, at the benefit.
    My love to you & your family!

  2. Phil Roche

    Hi Kevin,

    I hope you had success with the garage sale last weekend! I’m looking forward to ‘Pinestock II’. It sounds like there will be 2 bands and a whole lot of people coming.

    I really admire your heart Kevin and I will pray for your strength and healing. I love you but you can’t have my Budweiser. Well, maybe just this once.


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